Melting & Casting

The quality of the finished products is directly dependent on the Melting and Casting processes. In order to achieve high standards, we use the best technology available from Demag Technica of Germany, a pioneer in this industry. The hi-tech horizontal continuous caster produces Billets of superior quality with good external surface and consistent internal grain structure which are critical requirements to downstream products. The required chemical composition of Billets is strictly monitored throughout the processes through metal analysis by Spectro Spectrometer from Germany.

Starting from raw material, all feedstock to foundry is first analyzed for its metallic and non-metallic inclusion. We have developed in-plant facilities for treatment of various kinds of raw material like removing oil and moisture from swarf, cleaning nodules from copper cathodes, etc.

The main requirement for melting Brass is a gradual melting rate and controlled churning to achieve homogeneous chemical composition and uniform distribution of elements like lead. For this purpose, we have selected a main frequency channel type induction furnace from Induga of Germany.